Markus Selikovsky, AAC
Director of Photography Steadicam Operator

Born in Vienna, Austria

Skilled by Hans Selikovsky, AAC

Masterclass certified by the ASC

Member of the AAC Austrian Association of Cinematographers



Magnolia Award for best film at the 18th Shanghai TV Festival for “Kebap mit Alles”

Lydia Award for the Short Film “Ausweg”

Heinz Badewitz Award at the 50th Int. Film Festival Hof for “Freddy/Eddy”

Best Feature in the Dark Matters Category at Austin (Texas) Film Festival for “Freddy/Eddy”

Best Feature Film at the Snowdance Independent Film Festival for “Freddy/Eddy”

Best Director and Best Production at the Achtung Berlin Filmfestival for “Freddy/Eddy”

Best Director at the Baltic Debuts Filmfestival for “Freddy/Eddy”

Nominee for Best Film Fantaspoa International Fantastic Film Festival for “Freddy/Eddy”

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